Currently we are working on….

You can find here list of new products which we are planning to release soon. If you have any suggestions about new products please feel free to contact us.

Scale 1:32 YMA3263 Caudron 714 (Azur)

Project progress

Scale 1:48 YMA4908 Me-109E Early RLM02 (Wingsy Kit)

Project progress

Scale 1:48 YMA4910 Me-109E Late RLM66 (Wingsy Kit)

Project progress

Scale 1:48 YMA49 A2N (A.B. & K Hobby Kits)

Project progress

Scale 1:32 YMA32xx J2M Raiden


Scale 1:32 YMA3268 Lancaster (HKM)


Scale 1:72 YMA73 C-130 Hercules


Scale 1:72 YMA7326 PZL P.11C (IBG)


Scale 1:72 YMA7327 F4F-4 (Arma Hobby)


Scale 1:72 YMA7328 E14Y Glen (Hasegawa)


Scale 1:48 YMS4807 Yak-1/7/9/3 wings gauge